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POSTED BY instinct January 15, 2019 in Our Squad
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As part of what we do is to expand and reach new heights were humanly possible. We promised to our fans that 2019 will be a year of changes for instinct. During 2018 we were getting prepared for a full out structural changes to evolve the org we love. New tactical approaches for the pack.

As we think that all our fans are an active part of the pack, we would like to inform you of all our moves that we think will bolster our team and announce our new game that we are going to add to our competitive teams, Magic the gathering Arena. Magic the gathering Arena is not a new game, not at all. It is the predecessor of all trading card games and recently Wizards of the coast announced that they are going to pursue aggressively their dream to get in the esports scene.

So in 2018 we searched for the player that would suit best for the task, a player that would not only be one of the best (among others) in what he does, but also a person who would fit to our philosophy of an ever evolving organization. We found that in the face of Jannis Savvidis, aka Allou. Allou is going to prepare for the ladder with hope of catching up the LAN competitions, if possible, the next one on April in London. We hope we can catch the deadline and bring the results we want. You can support his way up through his Twitch as he is going to stream when he is able to.

The wolf in the top of a hill is not that hungry as the wolf that is climbing that hill. Be that wolf always climbing that hill. Always be hungry for success

Welcome to the pack Allou

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